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Migrating from MX15 to MX16 - step by step directions

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Migrating from MX15 to MX16 - step by step directions


Post by asqwerth » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:36 pm

I used on the migration tool on my test MX15 install last night. It went well.

Below is what I did step by step. I also highlight some points to be careful of.

1. Before starting the migration, with Synaptic package manager under "Settings" in the tool bar, select "Repositories". Check that the mx16 repo source is not enabled, or - to be safe - not even present as a disabled source. You can delete the entry if it's a disabled source.

For various reasons, including the fact that there was one MX15 update 3-4 weeks ago that accidentally enabled the MX16 repo source prematurely, your MX15 install might already have MX16 repo enabled and worse, maybe you've imported some of the newer packages already. If MX Package Installer does not have a "Migration" option despite you not having carried out the migration, that is the likely reason. You should ask for help on the forum if that is the case.

I had MX16 repo source added but not enabled (my test install was made to work on a Brother scanner driver issue I had with MX16), and I deleted the entry in Synaptic just in case, then pressed "Reload". After reloading, check if there are any updates in MX15 and if so, install them. Be sure to do this step. MX-15 must have all updates installed prior to proceeding. After that, close Synaptic

2. Open MX Package Installer and choose to install the "Migrate from MX15 to 16" package. It opens a terminal window and begins the process. The user will be asked to answer yes or no to a few questions along the way, so please note that it's not a 100% automated process, for good reason as will be seen later.

3. Some of the questions asked during the process involve whether the user wishes to keep their own version of a config file that they appear to have modified, or just install the developer's default new config file that comes with MX16. You should press "D" to check on the differences, see which lines are being added (they have a "+" next to them) or deleted ("-"). Don't worry, the config files in question are short and consist of only a few lines.

Most of the time the changes in the developer's new config file are benign, but this might not always be the case. For instance during my migration, the sane package's config file (for scanners) shows a change that would have removed "Brother" (as one of the listed scanners) from the config file presently on my system.

After noting the differences, press "q" to exit the list of differences and return to the main "page" of text in the terminal. Press either "Y" to replace config file with developer's new version, or "N" to keep the user's current config file in the system.

For the sane config file, I pressed "N" in order to keep current file. I chose "Y" for the rest that I encountered, but depending on what's installed on your system, it might be different for you. Please make your own comparison of changes in the config files.

4. the rest of the migration went fine. After it ended, I closed MX Package Installer and opened Synaptic again, to check on a few things:
a) mx-apps was automatically installed;
b) mx-timeset-gui was automatically installed because my migration was only just done within these past few days.

If you carried out the migration last week, mx-timeset-gui might not have been in the repo just yet and it would not have been pulled in by the mx-apps metapackage.

If so, you may wish to now install mx-timeset-gui manually, if you really want the timesetting tool.

5. to check that you've migrated to MX16:
a) MX-Tools should show the new tools;
b) Libreoffice should now be version 5;
c) MX16 wallpapers should now be found on a newly created subfolder called /usr/local/share/backgrounds/MX16/wallpaper

6. As root with leafpad edit the /usr/share/applications/window-buttons.desktop file by adding

Code: Select all

This will give an icon to the Windows Buttons configuration application in the menu and Settings dialogue.
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