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goodbye Mepis hello AntiX???

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Re: goodbye Mepis hello AntiX???

#11 Postby iamclueless » Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:51 pm

thanks for the replies

current setup is acer aspire one 1 gb and atom 1.6 processor. will try to score a deal for another 512 of ram. running mepis 8

wanting to go to antix for
1) a performance boost
2) new packages (libre office, new chromium, etc)

wanting kde4 for
1) keep some familiar apps
2) play with new widgets and eye candy

never heard of razor-qt, will check it out

kwin on its own, interesting, didnt know i could do that. im not sure what kde service menu is.... is it like kontrol centre? im going to be pretty happy with antix control centre impretty sure

so antiX base + antiX scripts + Kwin + kde and qt apps should be pretty snappy?

ill have to take a look at some of the dependencies for programs cause i dont want to pull in a ton of libs for the sake of one application

will get started once that new antiX cd appears :)

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