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that'll work ;-)

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that'll work ;-)

#1 Postby loco » Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:23 pm

heh, heh ...

base testing iso from september 'fluxbox' thanks guys/&carlops :thumbup: it was cute I used roxterm and the cli-installer :biggrin:. then brought it up to sid which was pretty easy and asked smxi to install 4.6.5. after that it seemed a bit more difficult than it should have been (to much fun). me tinks because experimental had newer packages than experimental-snapshots did at the time :smiley2:. found that if I installed >> kde-workspace-bin kde-baseapps kde-standard kdm >> it's a nice solid system.

sometimes wish I had the foresight to create a persistent usb with antix2usb first though, and I remembered there is a minstall in the folder so I could have used an extension four file system.

:thumbup: 'really nice' :thumbup: thanks guys :happy:
could probably never have gotten that kernel installed with M8, and I did try the new kernel/headers that were linked to with my laptop, but it disowned slim and was subjecting me to several errors in the console (I could look them up).
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