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Need MEPIS and Garmin info

Threads concerning the Documentation and Wiki for MEPIS.
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Re: Need MEPIS and Garmin info

#11 Postby iridesce » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:01 pm

For whatever reason, the post I created earlier today didn't take :frown: - user error probably.
Thanks for the info on the delay in the repository update - no doubt that very fact is listed in the Wiki :alien:

OK, installed garminplugin_0.3.3-1 via the CR. Install seemed to go OK. I rebooted firefox to be sure it took.
I have Firefox 4.0.1 installed on the Ostara box ( inxi below ) and when I checked for the plugin ( Tools>Add-ons>Plugins ), ' Garmin Communicator - Fake Plugin, Version 0.3.3 ' is shown in the list.

Checked the listed homepage ( http://www.andreas-diesner.de/garminplugin/doku.php ) and from what I read there are lots of graphs and maps and data that can be accessed using the program. The available information to be gleaned seems to be focused to runners/hikers/geocache folks. There does seem to be a site registration process before one can access the Garmin unit.

Honestly, I use the 660NA I have only for vehicle GPS and audio playback so I'm not sure how useful this plugin is for me.

I did run across the configuration page ( http://www.andreas-diesner.de/garminplu ... figuration ) which gave this tidbit:
The plugin creates a configuration file on it's first run at one of these two places:


I checked both of those locations in my home folder and they were absent. Maybe I would have had to register before they would have been installed...

So, that's it for the moment - if there is any other information I can supply, please let me know.

And as always - Major thanks to Tim and any others for their magic in transforming Debian applications into true Mepis ones for the Community Repository.
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Re: Need MEPIS and Garmin info

#12 Postby richb » Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:03 pm

Jerry3904 wrote:if you have a Garmin unit, can you install the plugin in a VM of M11?

M11 does not run well in a VM on my machine slow and jerky. I have set sufficient memory 1.5 GIG and video memory, tried both 64 meg and 128 meg. When I set the color depth to 24 I lost the screen entirely. Guest Additions are installed. Any response should be in another thread. I am responding here to indicate I could not test the Garmin plugin.

PS. I have never been happy with VirtualBox on any rig I have tried it on.
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Re: Need MEPIS and Garmin info

#13 Postby DBeckett » Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:34 pm

richb wrote:PS. I have never been happy with VirtualBox on any rig I have tried it on.

Ditto. I'm happy to have it for the few apps that I need, but performance has always been barely adequate.
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Re: Need MEPIS and Garmin info

#14 Postby smilliken » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:56 pm

I have been able to get the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx to work with TangoGPS(FoxtrotGPS).

I have it working on a system that is SM 11 upgraded to KDE 4.6.5.

I tried to install the garminplugin_0.3.3-1, but it failed, broken dependencies and I've not looked at it further. Could be the difference in the systems.

Edit: I installed the garminplugin on a stock SM 11 system and plugged the GPSmap 60CSx into the computer. The Garmin website "myDashboard", seems to work with the plugin, but the website could not find the device.
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