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Rules of these forums

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Rules of these forums

#1 Postby richb » Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:18 pm

Do not post topics that relate to different genders, race, color, politics or religion. Discussion of these topics can cause problems and quickly degenerate into arguments. This applies to minors (this includes nudity and sex), as well. Do not use swear words, whether directly or masked with other characters. If you have a problem with a mod or another community member here, first try to resolve it privately (through pm's or emails) yourself and if that doesn't work then email us at forumadmin@mxlinux.org to discuss it. Keep personal problems off the forums. Let's try to keep peace among the community and for visitors.

Certain usernames will not be allowed. If a user registers with a questionable username, action will be taken. Examples are usernames that have profanity, sexual references or product references. This is not an exclusive list and it will be the discretion of the forum administrators what will be allowed. The action taken will be to ask the user to request a different username. If
approved the administrator will implement the change. If the user refuses they will be banned from the Forum.

No spam on this or any other forums please! If you post advertisements on these forums, your account may be deleted.

Solicitations for donations to any organizations regardless of their intentions or structure, other than relating to MEPIS or MX, are not allowed.

Advice on installing or debugging digital forensics and penetration testing software will not be given on this Forum, as it lies outside our mission. If members wish to install or debug such software they should contact the developer or pose their questions in a web forum dedicated to that purpose, and they will be directed to do so.

Do not copy and paste entire or even up to half of someone else's words or articles into posts. Post only a few sentences or a paragraph and make sure to include a link back to original words or article. Otherwise it's copyright infringement.

You can talk about other distros here (talk or discuss, not bash for any reason), but no MEPIS or MX bashing. You can email the developer of MEPIS if you just want to say you dislike or hate MEPIS . I'm not saying that you can't say you don't like something about MEPIS but know that you can email the developer (Warren) to state what you don't like or would like improved or added. For MX the same applies, except you can PM one of the developers on this Forum.

Stay relevant and on topic when posting. Posts that are not relevant to the topic waste everyone's time.
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