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[SOLVED]Can't install Mepis to external drive

Help for Mepis 11
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Re: [SOLVED]Can't install Mepis to external drive

#11 Postby KBD » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:49 pm

I used two usb's during the install, and did it on my old desktop computer. The target usb on my desktop was plugged into sdg, and that is what was in the boot config. When I went to boot up the usb on my netbook after the install it gave me the error message. You mentioned sda1, which is my netbook hard drive where I'm multi-booting 4 OS's. I knew I had the usb with Mepis on it plugged into sdb1 input, so I gave that a shot when I edited the file and it worked :-) I get more things right by luck with Linux that logic it seems, I'm just glad it's working :-) I wouldn't have even known where to try to tweak it if you had not directed me to that boot configuration file.
Thanks again!

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