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Shell Script Question [OR]

Here is where users who have been using MEPIS awhile and know the basics of linux and MEPIS can ask questions.
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Shell Script Question [OR]

#1 Postby outlaw » Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:57 pm

The following code executes correctly:

# Remove old recording before recording new
if [ -f "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/incomplete/world-rpt" ]; then
if [ -e "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/$DATE.mp3" ]; then
rm $HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/*.mp3

Yet when I add the OR logical operator the code fails.

# Remove old recording before recording new
if [[ -f "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/incomplete/world-rpt" ] -o [ -f "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/incomplete/world-at-6"]]; then
if [ -e "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/$DATE.mp3" ]; then
rm $HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/*.mp3

./tmp.sh: line 13: syntax error in conditional expression
./tmp.sh: line 13: syntax error near `]'
./tmp.sh: line 13: `if [[ -f "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/incomplete/world-rpt" ] -o [ -f "$HOME/CBC-Radio/World-Report/incomplete/world-at-6"]]; then'

I can't find the syntax error, perhaps someone with more experience or younger eyes could point out the error of my ways ...

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions offered.


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Re: Shell Script Question [OR]

#2 Postby richb » Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:06 pm

Looks like you need to remove two brackets.


Code: Select all

or (logical)

if [ $condition1 ] || [ $condition2 ]
# Same as:  if [ $condition1 -o $condition2 ]
# Returns true if either condition1 or condition2 holds true...

if [[ $condition1 || $condition2 ]]    # Also works.
# Note that || operator not permitted within [ ... ] construct.

EDIT: I am not a shell script expert, I just Googled the man page for bash shell scripts.
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Re: Shell Script Question [OR]

#3 Postby moksha » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:02 am

I thought it might be the semi colon after the double brackets

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