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K3B data projects

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K3B data projects

#1 Postby mepisuser » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:28 pm

Using M11 / KDE4

I've been trying the New Data Project option to add files to re-writable DVDs, both + and - where content already exists on the DVD

K3B goes through the writing process but the data is not added.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: K3B data projects

#2 Postby Utopia » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:03 pm

There are bugs in dvd+rw-tools. The support for re-writable DVDs is far from perfect.

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Re: K3B data projects

#3 Postby lucky9 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:03 pm

Post # 295997
Re: Mepis11: How to use k3b to create a multisession DVD-R?
I found a way to add to a multisession DVD:

With DVD in hand, place it in your drive. When the Device Notifier opens choose Copy with K3b. This will open K3b with the Copy dialog open. Click Cancel twice. This will close the Copy dialog.

Go to File/New Project/Continue Multisession Project
Go to Project/Add Files
Add the files you wish to the project.
Go to Project/Burn
Make sure that growisofs is chosen (top right of the Burn dialog)
Make sure that Continue Multisession is chosen under the Misc Tab.

Click Burn.
This will throw up an error dialog. Do nothing

You now have added a session to a Multisession DVD.

I assume that the Device Notifier is causing this since no other way was possible for me to add a session to a Multisession DVD. I suppose it could be K3b. But that's the rigmarole you need to go through on my machine using Mepis 11 Standard 64 bit.

To start a Multisession DVD you will have to go through the same procedure, but change Continue Multisession to Start Multisession. And of course you won't have to choose Copy when the Device Notifier opens. Just click on the DVD in the Notifier and K3b will open. Use the File/New Project/New Data Project and choose growisofs and Start New Multisession.


Also see:
Post # 296011
Re: Mepis11: How to use k3b to create a multisession DVD-R?
lucky9 wrote:
Make sure that growisofs is chosen (top right of the Burn dialog)

This was making me crazy for a few minutes because I was not seeing what you described. An Internet search turned up the answer. You must go to Settings-->Configure K3B-->Advanced and check the "Show Advanced GUI elements" checkbox before you will see the growisofs option. Once I did that I was able to create a multi-session DVD.
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