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question about networking development

Forum for discussion and implementation of features relating directly to development of MEPIS releases.
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question about networking development

#1 Postby GoManutd » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:55 pm

i have a question about the networking development. when mepis is built is there customizations done to the networking code, or is that simply brought over en masse from debian? just trying to help squash an issue with mythtv and trying to find the common denominator between the different distros that have ipv6 issues.

my recent mythtv issue has been resolved, and the culprit was having IPV6 disabled on eth0. the mythtv frontend wasn't communicating with the backend via a 192.168.xxxx address. when that connection request timed out it was trying the loopback, using IPV4 - at least that's what the stderr messages were showing. netstat showed something different. it showed tcp6 being used, even though ipv6 was disabled on eth0.

ironically, a similar issue afflicted a mythbackend running on ubuntu, except in that case the user resolved the issue by disabling ipv6.

i already posted a separate thread about a possible issue with loopback and ipv6 when eth0 has ipv6 disabled.

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