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Mepis Roadblock KDE 4:4.8.1 release update

Here is where all questions and discussions about KDE should go.
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Re: Mepis Roadblock KDE 4:4.8.1 release update

#21 Postby lucky9 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:30 am

Any release has bugs. It's how severe they are that makes a difference. Security upgrades are given priority I'd think. And the more Users and the longer something is used will make a huge difference also.

My vanilla Mepis systems have been extraordinary. With only minor problems if any at all. I'm sure that Mepis 12 will not be any different.
I could care less about the flash and 'additional features' that are available elsewhere.
I like being able to keep a system up for months on end. I like being able to shutdown and startup without any excitement. I like upgrading without worry. I like and appreciate the customizations that Warren makes.
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