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Threads concerning the Documentation and Wiki for MEPIS.
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#1 Postby mr_si » Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:12 am

Do any of you ever have to work at home?
Is your machine at home a non windows machine?
Does your windows network at work use Citrix for remote working?

If so, this may be of use.

Citrix for those of you who do not know, is a means of publishing Applications to users who log in remotely. It is MUCH faster than a normal M$ Terminal Services connection, though it runs on the top of a M$ Terminal Server.

Recently during the unusual amounts of snow fall that the South of England had, I had to work from home. We're an IT support company who use Citrix for remote working. I had thought I had installed the ICA client before, just in case something might have happened like this, but when I actually tried to run the applications I ran in to a problem or two with SSL Certificates.

Therefore I thought I'd post something here. Hopefully I can get this put on to the Wiki once my user login is created. (a PM has been sent to the necessary)

Here goes:

1. When you log on to the Citrix Server for the first time via a web browser, (Do this via Firefox, as Konqueror does not seem to be supported), you log in with your normal work username, password and domain (find these from your Network Admin at work)

2. You will then need the Citrix ICA client installing so that you can use the Published Applications through your browser. You can either download this from the Server that you've just logged on to, or you can get it from the Citrix Website

The download is a TAR.GZ file. Save it to somewhere you know in your home directory.
For example, I've downloaded it to /home/SimonB/IT/Citrix

the latest version is called "linux86-11.0.130395.tar.gz"

3. Extract the contents of the file, I simply just opened the file in Konqueror and it showed me the contents in Ark. I then selected the contents and copied them to a new folder called "Client"

4. Open Konsole and a Root Session. change to the directory where you had saved the contents of the TAR file to, and run the "setupwfc" script.

5. (If you downloaded the client from the Citrix site, there are installation instructions in the /nls/en path of the extracted contents.

6. Accept the defaults to install the ICAClient to /usr/lib/ICAClient

This is the Citrix Client installed. However, this is not it finished as you may get an SSL Error.

7. You then need to copy a certificate into /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts or you may get the following error:

SSL Error 61: You have not chosen to trust “UTN-USERFirst-Hardwareâ€Â
Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz / 4GB DDR RAM / 1 TB HDD / NVidia 5750 Graphics / Dual 20" Philips WS LCDs / Mepis 8.5 :linuxlove:

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Re: Citrix

#2 Postby iamclueless » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:44 pm

bump of an old post

just started work at a place that uses Citrix
does anyone use it with their Mepis/antiX install?

i may wait for that upcoming/possible mepis 11.5 or the new antiX and give this try.

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