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Antix 8.5 on Asus 701SD


Antix 8.5 on Asus 701SD

#1 Postby rokytnji » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:55 pm

:tumbleweed: I just gotta say.
[TITLE]This distro works very well on this Asus Netbook[/TITLE]

Was not easy.




But some things that are best to have some times need to be worked for. I never had a custom built bike just fall into place. Took a little work to do. Used to tweaking things to get what I want. Whether motorcycles or computers.

I now have a working mic,camera,skype,heat under control,hotkeys (the one I use anyhows), Flash,audio books playback (using xmms),mouse tap,wireless,screen resolution, etc..... ps. Ran the battery down to zero while posting this. Just plugged in power adapter. Get about 2 1/2 hours out of stock cheap battery on this unit with AntiX.

And for those folks that can't connect to wpa network. I did at a Motel 8 in San Angelo Texas with Wicd using this Netbook. My wife ended up using my Netbook instead of her Acer Aspire Windows 7 Laptop because she could not connect in Windows 7. No, I could not help her in Windows 7. Clueless with it.

So this is kinda a testimonial with supplied links on how I did everything pertaining to this Netbook. Antix flys on this Unit. Works real well now. But nothing earned or tried usually means nothing gained. This custom install runs low on resources and just works.


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