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Thanks and Reputation

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Re: Thanks and Reputation

#21 Post by Brooko » Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:11 pm

richb wrote:H Brooko,

Glad you dropped in. I agree there is an imbalance with the old system. But if the cut back for senior members is voluntary then an imbalance still exists with some cutting and others not. I fail to see why the whole thing is so controversial. While I agree rep has its purposes I am tempted to just disable it to avoid the ongoing controversy that seems to pop up on a regular basis.

PS. As you know, but others may not be aware, rep and thanks are separate modules and cannot be tied together.
Actually Rich - that's a good idea. Disable rep, and leave thanks in. The thanks is shown next to the user name anyway - and is probably more of a measure of reliability - more thanks received usually means higher trust.

And sorry - I hadn't realised it had become quite so controversial :footinmouth:

You guys still run a great board here though.
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Re: Thanks and Reputation

#22 Post by iridesce » Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:27 pm

uncle mark wrote:Just for the record, I do not want any more rep.

Seems several of the humor impaired have been taking me seriously, despite my numerous admonitions to not do so.

And since I am smiley impaired, and have this compulsion to reply with tongue in cheek often, resulting in people taking offense when none is intended, I'll be keeping my posting to a minimum.
As one who did express offense before knowing from where you truly came from - I will miss the banter between you and others :sigh:

Hopefully we will continue to enjoy your wit expressed in posts - somehow I imagine it will be difficult to suppress ;)

And part of me, the conspiratorial part that causes me to smile when I read your duels , half wonders if this is yet another deeply diabolical scheme to indeed gain more green jellybeans ( insert maniacal laughing )
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