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reinstall of nvidia fixed compiz

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reinstall of nvidia fixed compiz

#1 Postby savvy_cowgirl » Wed May 13, 2009 7:54 pm

I feel really silly posting this, but I was having such trouble trying to get compiz to work and found the answer I can't even remember where.
I installed from Shame's using the wiki.
None of the effects worked and emerald wouldn't load either.
I uninstalled and tried again.
The only difference is I also had aptitude install compiz-fusion-all
Still didn't work, and when I tried to get compiz to start from konsole I got error messages.
somewhere on another forum they said to reinstall the nvidia drivers. Since I've found sgfxi, this is not a big deal. Did that, and tried to start compiz from konsole again, this time the only thing it said was there was a windows manager already running. True enough I had marked kwin again so I could get my keyboard to type. I changed it to compiz reloaded and it worked. I did have to click on advanced search to make "burn" show up in my choices for closing effects under animations, so I could have magic fire, but it all seems happy now. It also made a lot of other choices show up for the animations. I love the fish swimming in the cube.
But it took the nvidia reinstall to make it work. Just thought it might help some other nvidia user, and I didn't see this posted anywhere recently for M8. :linuxlove:
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#2 Postby joany » Thu May 14, 2009 9:01 am

Right. The basic drivers that are available with SM 8.0 just aren't up to the task. The very first thing I did after installing SM 8.0 was to install the latest NVidia driver. That makes quite a difference, as you pointed out.
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