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Anyone knows how to get kde transparent to use wallpapers plugin?

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Anyone knows how to get kde transparent to use wallpapers plugin?

#1 Postby frisil » Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:31 am

my Mepis 8 with compiz is almost fully tweaked now, only one thing remains:

the wallpaper plugin for mapping different wallpapers to different compiz viewports. This does not work, because the kde desktop paints wallpapers over with its own wallpaper. I know the solution is to patch kde to make it its own wallpaper fully transparent so that compiz can work its magic.

Does anyone know an easy way how to do this in Mepis 8 final? I think I need a patched kdebase for my 64-bit Mepis 8. Has anyone built a package for that he or she could share? Or do you have a 64-bit binary I could replace mine with? (I know its not the proper linux way, but this often works!)
BTW, I use the kde3 version that came with Mepis 8 final and I want to keep this, I do not want to ugrade to kde4.

Or do you at least know a how to and proper source for patched soucecodes with compiling instructions?

I know I can use gnome and switch the nautilus desktop off, but I want to keep kde and keep full desktop functionallity, just making the default wallpaper transparent. I know it is doable, but haven't figured out how to do this in Mepis 8 yet. I would be grateful for any help, thanks in advance!

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