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apache and xampp

Here you can ask questions about how to set up servers in MEPIS and ask about software and hardware related to it. You can post tutorials relating to this, also.
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apache and xampp

#1 Postby mariel77 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:25 pm

I am using M11. I sometimes work with wordpress and wanted to set it up locally.
I used xampp on previous installs, so I installed it.
But then I realized that apache runs on start up. So I wrote a script to stop apache and start xampp whenever I need to use it.

1. Is it better to just install mysql and php separately per the wiki lamp install?

2. Is there an easy way to access either the xampp or the lamp install on a windows computer without compromising security? It would only be when I'm at home; I don't want remote access. What is the easiest way? (I have wamp and wordpress on the windows computer, and have been copying files to see the progress.)


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Re: apache and xampp

#2 Postby GoManutd » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:00 pm

there's no direct way to install using synaptic. honestly, using synaptic to install apache,mysql, php (and the subsequent libs for mysql) is dead easy and will tend to avoid installing software you may not want/need.

i hope you have a firewall capable router between your modem and computer, and the firewall is enabled. usually inbound traffic is automatically disabled for apache, mysql so there shouldn't be too much concern there. if you have wifi on the router, just make sure the wifi settings are set to the most secure to prevent people from using your wifi AND, therefore, being able to see your systems directly.

m11 has the ufw firewall installed by default - not certain if web/mysql inbound traffic is disabled by default. i like firestarter for my firewall because it allows me to see realtime connections to my system AND when i see a system is blocked that i want enabled i can easily do so then and there. you'll likely need to enabled at least web access (port 80) and maybe mysql - depends on what you want to do - for your windows machine's ip.

whatever you do, just make sure to never allow inbound traffic from your router/gateway - usually - because you've then allowed everyone on the net access.

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