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NFS Set-Up

Questions about Networking that deals with wireless cards, ethernet, modems, samba and anything else related to these, including software help. Tutorials for any of these can be posted too.

Remember to provide relevant info in your posts, such as the following information:

Version of Mepis being used
Card Manufacturer (i.e. Linksys)
Card Model (i.e. WMP54G)
Type: (PCI or PCMCIA)
Current Kernel in use on their system (i.e. 2.6.10)
Udev or Hotplug
Exact steps taken to get the card working if it is not immediately recognized by MEPIS.
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Re: NFS Set-Up

#11 Postby KrispyKritter » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:26 pm

Welcome to MEPIS,

What is happening is the IP address is getting assigned during boot up before network manager starts to run. Depending upon what router you are using you maybe able to assign a IP address in it based on your computer's MAC address. I have not found a way around this little "FEATURE". My laptop seems to keep the same address up until my router gets re-booted.

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Re: NFS Set-Up

#12 Postby lucky9 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:05 pm

Remove network-manager (just place that in the search box in Synaptic to find it). The Mepis Network Assistant should be able to set things manually if that's done. Actually it should anyway. However if you want to use wicd then it (Network Manager) has to be removed.
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