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#1 Post by richb » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:47 am


Can I use Ubuntu PPA’s?

Ubuntu is not Debian, so installing PPAs will likely cause problems.

See this for more details: https://mxlinux.org/wiki/system/add-ppa-repository

Solution: Go to the request forum for your MX version, under Community Repository (CR), and ask our Packaging Devs if the PPA can be be ported or updated for our own repository.

Should I leave Test, Experimental and Multimedia repositories?

Leaving these repos permanently enabled will result in system instabilities and likely lead to a re-installation.

Solution: Install packages from these repos one-at-a-time, test them before adding another, and disable the repo when done. Or use the MX-Tools-->Package Installer-->Full App Catalog to install individual packages from selected repos.

What's the deal with MX and systemd? How come there are still systemd packages installed?

Systemd is included by default but not enabled. For more information see the manual section 1.7.

How long will MX XX be supported?

We are currently supporting versions of MX from 14 through 17.1 through the Forum. MX 14, is based on Debian Wheezy, and wheezy LTS will be supported from 26 April 2016 to 31 May 2018.

MX 15/16 will also be supported for several more years; currently we try and roll any new packages we can for that version too, but as it ages, that becomes less practical.

General support information is available in the Manual Section 1.4,

What's the best way to upgrade from MX XX to MX YY?

Instructions for migration of different MX versions can be found on the MX Community website. https://mxlinux.org/migration

I don't like XFCE. How can I install XX desktop?

A number of different desktops are available in the MX Package Installer under the category Window Managers and can be installed easily. For more information on the MX Package Installer please refer to the Manual Section 3.2.11 Package Installer .https://mxlinux.org/user_manual_mx17/mxum.pdf

Can I use apps from XX desktop on XFCE?

Applications from other Window Managers than XFCE that are in the default repos can be installed. Very often they will bring in other applications and libraries that are dependencies of the application. In some cases full functionality of the installed application will not be achieved and will require some research on how to enable that functionality.
Also the appearance of the application may not be consistent with the XFCE default theme.

I hear a lot about this Spectre and Meltdown stuff. Is MX secured? How can I check my system?

You can check the status of the kernel in use by running spectre-meltdown-checker in a root terminal. You will need to install the package from the default Debian Repositories with Synaptic or the MX Package Installer.

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sudo spectre-meltdown-checker
Patched kernels are available with status descriptions in the MX Package Installer > Manage Popular packages under the Kernels category.

I hate the panel on the side! How can I move it to the top or bottom like I prefer?

The MX-Tweak tool makes moving it to your preferred position very easy.

Can I use Flatpaks, Snaps and Appimages?

Stand-alone packages are different in that they are essentially independent from the particular OS and do not need to be installed. For details, consult these pages::

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