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youtube-dl - most secure way to update

Just as the name says, here is where you can post tips and tricks to share with other users of MEPIS.
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youtube-dl - most secure way to update


Post by pearsimmon » Thu May 09, 2019 11:10 am

If I want the bleeding version of "youtube-dl", which way would be more secure and trustworthy: downloading it from the official website and updating with "youtube-dl -U", or installing with python-pip and updating also with it?

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Re: youtube-dl - most secure way to update


Post by skidoo » Fri May 17, 2019 10:38 pm


It's a great (important) question & I'm unsure a clear-cut, definitive, anwser exists.

Python ~~ PyPi, pip, easyinstall, PyPM, Anaconda...
(the general question is also relavent for programs written in various other languages)

Haskell ~~ Cabal
Java ~~ Gradle, Maven, Ivy...
JavaScript ~~ npm
Objective-C ~~ CocoaPods
Perl ~~ CPAN (and CPAN-Plus, CPAN-Minus)
PHP ~~ PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR), Composer...
Ruby - RubyGems.org

Your post didn't mention virtualenv or pipenv.
Gawdknows whatall a pip install or update operation will blindly pull in (XX versions of YY dependencies) in pursuit of fulfilling requirements.txt
most secure way
With youtube-dl specifically, for which MX already maintains a package... post a "MX package update request" would be the most secure way, eh

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