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MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread

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MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread


Post by Stevo » Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:24 pm

Deadbeef is a lightweight, yet very capable music player with no GNOME, KDE, or gstreamer dependencies.


After almost three years, there is now a new 1.8.0 release, and it's in the test repo. It was built on vanilla Stretch, so can move to main without any problems.

Some of the improvements include:
  • add Opus support
  • add ReplayGain Scanner
  • add proper tracks+cue support
  • add/improve MP4 tag reading and writing
  • load embedded album art from MP4 files
  • add File Copy and File Move converter presets
  • add GBS, SGC support to Game_Music_Emu
  • improve detecting GTK theme colors for custom widgets
  • add Copy & Paste in playlist
  • add localization support for plugin UI
  • add Drag’n’drop support from deadbeef to other applications
  • add --volume command line option
and many more. The full list can be seen here.

Please let us know how it installs and performs if you try it out, so we can move it to main. Thanks!

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Re: MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread


Post by sunrat » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:54 pm

Nice one, my favourite player! I've been using a dev version for a while and it's good to finally see a release. Will try the new MX package soon.

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Re: MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread


Post by penguin » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:50 am

Tried yesterday the latest version of deadbeef from MX Linux Test Repos over the old version 0.7.2.

On this version the album covers is displayed correctly .During start an error notice than one pluggin can not be loaded because of compatibility with gtk3. I am far way from MX Linux to say exactly what pluggin was , but manually I removed this pluggin and everything fine.... but Deadbeef closes unexpectedly when you click to play a new song in the list. So , I removed and I gone back to old version.Must say that in Sparly Linux deabef works much more correctly than MX Linux (the same version 0.7.2).MX Linux does not display album covers.
Any one have tried the latest version of Deadbeef ? Please give a test with infobar ng (that shows lyrics) or other pluggins loaded.

Or maybe the modified lyric version should be used

Code: Select all

but i likes very much infobar ng

Code: Select all

because it shows lyrics, wiki band and similar artist.

I will try today to test the portable version

Code: Select all

but before need to rename old folders in /home/.local/lib/deadbeef and under /home/.config/deadbeef

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Re: MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread


Post by Stevo » Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:08 pm

We now a small bugfix 1.8.1 update in the test repo. Changes/Fixes include:

Fixed audio freeze while sorting
Fixed crash when resuming playback of a file that's been deleted
Fixed error messages when loading PLS playlist with relative paths
Fixed adjusting shuffle queue after a user initiated track change
Write Album Artist field into Ogg files as "ALBUMARTIST"
Load external album covers before embedded
Removed the unmaintained sndio plugin
Fixed localization of status bar
Added experimental subgrouping support in playlist, via using ||| separator for each subsequent nested group, when using Group by -> Custom (by ToadKing)
Added new title formatting functions $stripprefix and $swapprefix (by ToadKing)
Changed supereq DSP configuration to be more compact horizontally and to have more slider precision
Updated Repeat and Shuffle hotkey names to match the menus
Fixed rounding bug of total playtime in statusbar
Fixed design mode splitter handles dragging beyond the window edges
Fixed setting album art size based on larger dimension (by ToadKing)
Fixed regression causing custom layouts with splitters look wrong
Added FLAC plugin option to ignore corrupted stream errors
Fixed supereq reentrancy bug, potentially causing crash after changing audio output configuration
Fixed reloading replaygain info
Fixed writing replaygain info to APEv2 tags

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Re: MX 17/18 Repository: The DeaDBeeF Thread


Post by Stevo » Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:23 pm

Now the test repo for MX 15 through 19 has the latest 1.8.2 bugfix update.

Deadbeef 1.8.2 release highlights:
  • Volume control from command line supports increment syntax
  • Fixed writing multi-value fields into FLAC tags
  • Map ALBUMARTIST field to ALBUM ARTIST field in FLAC
  • Fixed sound output plugin selection bug in GTK UI
  • Fixed crash when opening files of 0 size
  • Fixed UI freeze when nullout plugin is selected
  • Fixed a regression in restoring the last selected folder in GTK file chooser

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