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Do you use NetBuddy for your ISP

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Do you use NetBuddy for your ISP


Post by arky217 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:01 pm

(Please delete this post if it is not an appropriate topic for the forum)

Just wondering if anyone here uses NetBuddy for their ISP.
NetBuddy uses AT&T towers and if you're in AT&T 4G LTE coverage area,
you are supposed to get truly unlimited (no data caps, no throttling)
internet at 4G LTE speed for $60/month with no contract.
It also requires that you buy one of their 4G routers (they start at $99).

I'm in their 4G LTE coverage area, but I'm a little skeptical about
the speed, especially during the evening hours when the towers
may be congested.

I currently have CenturyLink DSL @ $45/month (includes taxes).
But I'm about 3 miles on copper from their nearest fiber termination
and I can only get 6mb/sec speed. (But it is very reliable and doesn't
slow too badly during peak hours)
So, $15/month more would be worth it to me if I could get consistent
speed of around 40mb/sec.

Does anyone have any experience with NetBuddy ?

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