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Updates coming soon to MX 17

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Updates coming soon to MX 17


Post by dolphin_oracle » Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:27 pm

There will be some major updates coming soon to MX 17 users. These include:

Updated firmware
Updated Xorg video drivers
Updated Mesa
Updated nvidia drivers

The last item, nvidia drivers, if you have them installed, may cause a apt removal message similar to below.


There are about 24 packages that will show as being removed. These are all related to the nvidia driver upgrade and shouldn't be any cause for concern, as they will be replaced with newer alternate packages.

We have been testing the upgrade path for the last 2 weeks, and we have not' encountered any issues beyond the removal message pertaining to nvidia drivers.

If during the upgrade you see messages that would mean removal of system level packages (xfce, udev, sysVinit, xorg-server, etc...) or perhaps major applications (GIMP, Libreoffice, clementine, etc...) then do not proceed with the upgrade and post a message in the forum for help.

The update should be coming in the next few days, depending on when your repo mirror pulls updates.

A video covering this is available on the runwiththedolphin youtube channel: Updates coming to MX 17


Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)
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