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Mac won't boot live MX ... Waiting for /dev to be fully populated

Help for Current Versions of MX
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Mac won't boot live MX ... Waiting for /dev to be fully populated

#1 Post by Antediluvian » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:15 pm

Anyone know how to get an old MacBook Pro 4.1 (early 2008) to run MX from a persistent live USB stick?

Start up freezes at:

Code: Select all

[....] Waiting for /dev to be fully populated..._
The only thing plugged into the laptop is the MX USB stick. MX boots fine from this stick on my Dell desktop(s).

This laptop has a 64-bit UEFI. The full specs are here.

Start up freezes at the same point whether I try to boot from the USB using the option key and selecting UEFI boot, or when I installed rEFInd on the internal HDD and tried to load MX that way.

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Re: Mac won't boot live MX ... Waiting for /dev to be fully populated

#2 Post by truongtfg » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:22 am

According to this answer here https://superuser.com/questions/526138/ ... ted-screen, you may try booting MX Linux using nomodeset option (on the boot screen of Mx Linux, press F6 and then test the options there).


Here is the list of options when you press F6 (from the user manual of MX Linux) https://mxlinux.org/user_manual_mx15/MX ... l#failsafe:
F6: Failsafe Booting and Safe Video
Try these options of you have trouble booting or if you can can't get to X-Windows (the GUI).

- Safe Video In addition to using nomodeset (see below) also force the use of the simple Vesa video driver. This will lack performance and 2-D and 3-D acceleration but should get you to a working X-Windows GUI.
- Failsafe Combines Safe Video (above) with load=all (below). If you just want it to work, use this option. The system may not be optimal but it should boot.
- nomodeset Some video drivers take control of the text consoles as well as the graphics screen. If the text console goes haywire or goes blank early in the boot process then try this option.
- load=all If you get a warning message that the system can't find the linuxfs, try this option.
- intel igfx off The Intel graphics driver in some kernels doesn't work on the newer Broadwell systems. This boot parameter might help.

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