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How to Break Your System

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How to Break Your System

#1 Post by Paul.. »

These two actions have a high probability of breaking your system…

1. Using Ubuntu PPAs.
Ubuntu is not Debian, so installing PPAs will likely cause problems and you will be left to pick up the pieces.
See this for more details: https://mxlinux.org/wiki/system/add-ppa-repository

Solution: Go to viewforum.php?f=55 and ask our Packaging Devs if the PPA can be be ported or updated for our own repository.

2. Leaving repos like Test, Experimental, Multimedia et al. permanently enabled.
Leaving these repos permanently enabled will result in system instabilities and likely lead to a re-installation.

Solution: Install packages from these repos one-at-a-time, test them before adding another, and disable the repo when done. Or use the MX-Tools-->Package Installer-->Full App Catalog to install individual packages from selected repos.[/list]

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Re: How to Break Your System

#2 Post by KBD »

Yes, I ended up with "FrankenDebian" a few times early on. I simply wanted a newer version of a program, enabled Sid, and found myself in dependency hell. Not a good idea.


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