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wifi manager from puppy linux

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Re: wifi manager from puppy linux


Post by skidoo » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:47 pm

Discussion from back in Jan 2017 when thriftee inquired about the prospect of using frisbee under antiX:
https://antixlinux.com/forum-archive/ce ... t6784.html

The frisbee "app" is comprised of knitted bash scripts + gtkdialog.
The only source code involved is that of the Frisbee_tray component (written in C). Source for its latest version (v4.7.2) is contained in a tgz file attached to a post here:
http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic. ... &start=420

IIRC, Fred's install.sh for DebianDog is tailored for installed locations expected by systemd init. Also, both the for-Puppy and for-DebianDog versions of frisbee presume certain other specific system components are available (for instance, expects a particular notification daemon is installed, in order to communicate status change events to the frisbee_tray and trigger display of changed status icons).

The bottom line:
frisbee cannot simply be "repackaged"; portions of it would need to be rewritten (and tested/debugged).
It supports ppp connections in addition to ethernet and wifi... so a sticking point would be finding a motivated
and capable developer who still has ppp available & can test / troubleshoot / support.

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