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[GIMP XCF] MX Tools icon : customize your own !

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[GIMP XCF] MX Tools icon : customize your own !


Post by k_sz » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:28 pm

Attached to this post and archived in tar, you'll find a multilayer XCF, extracted from a SVG created by 2 other forum members.
Original work : antechdesigns.

Since it has been extracted from a vectorial & multilayers SVG, it's very precise with a very good resolution (no pixelsaw ^^) its curves are soft like velvet (i may have felt in love with an icon). As i use to, i've expansed its size to 320x320 px @ 150 dpi so it can be easily manipulated.

Note to asqwerth, the requester : since i've almost never used Inkscape (it was nothing but a very nice fujiyamesque icon in my menu until now) deconstructing MX-tools SVG and transfer its parts exported in PNG to Gimp's XCF has been a very instructive exercice, thank you ! (really, i mean it)

Little tip, following this mini-tutorial about layers and colorizing :

if you want to change the background color of this icon, you may want to change its shadow (bottom) and its lighted part (top) as well. Since I've gathered these 3 parts in a group of layers in the joined XCF, i'm proposing you the following methods :


1/ right-click the group of layers named "base"
2/ select "Merge within active group only" (this should be the correct english term)

Another way :
1/ hide the "tools" group
2/ right-click the base group and select "Merge Visible Layers " (or simply use CTRL+M)

Aaaand another way (useful if layers haven't been grouped in the xcf) :
1/ right-click the layer named "mx-tools_base.png" and select "Merge down"
2/ repeat it with the newly created layer so it'll be merged with the bottom layer
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: [GIMP XCF] MX Tools icon : customize your own !


Post by asqwerth » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:14 pm

Thanks so much, k_sz!

As for who the 2 forum members are, I think Ghost67 did the SVG from Antech's original PNG graphics. Later on, I think SwampRabbit created a version of the teal PNG icon of MX-Tools with deeper curved corners to match the Moka set of icons. This has not been used yet.

Much appreciation to them as well.
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