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MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The tlp Thread

For Community Repository Package Requests and Status for MX-14
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MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The tlp Thread


Post by Stevo » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:29 pm

We now have tlp-0.9 in the test repository, updating from 0.8.
TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux without the need to understand every technical detail. TLP comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life, so you may just install and forget it. Nevertheless TLP is highly customizable to fulfil your specific requirements.
There's links to configuration and a FAQ on its home page, but you might see an improvement just by installing it. It's a set of scripts, so there's no GUI and it won't appear in the menu.

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