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Papirus-Folders - Just a Humble Suggestion and Feedback

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Papirus-Folders - Just a Humble Suggestion and Feedback


Post by Huckleberry » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:27 am

Just wanted to share something interesting as a feedback to the Team:

My MX 17.x were using under 200 MİB Ram (total 2048, DDR2), namely 180 when new booted and idling (network manager connected to internet) .. and min. 160.

And 18.3 was 240, everything same other than the kernels, panel, applets on the panel, software installed and removed etc.. All the same..

Yesterday I just decided to remove Numix and Faenza together completely. (Did nothing else). And next boot it's 147 MİB only :number1: (again, idling and connected to int). Even better than the previous. In fact I'm surprised as I'd never guess there would be a relation with icon sets installed (which were not directly in use by me) and the Ram usage. And it's a sudden and a considerable amount of decrease: 40 % .

In the meantime; the only lower Ram usage on the same old laptop were (normally) Lubuntu (about 120-140) , Bunsenlabs (about 105), Puppy and Antix (about 89) .

Consequently, when you consider that everything's complete and ease of use and that you can use it for repairing also, and that it's possible to take snapshots and use & install your own system etc.. :

MX is the ABSOLUTE winner in all aspects..

(I don't even mention that MX starts far more faster than all on the same old machine when used as a live-usb. So that; all above 10 min. even Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Bunsenlabs, Slitaz, Tiny Core etc. are 13 min.). Only Puppy 3.5 and MX 4.5 min. (home test with all parameters same: the same usb 2.0 device written by the same application, and time measured with the same points taken: from start to login screen and additionally the appearance of the whole desktop screen )

I installed "papirus-folders" via Synaptic, (as I met there by chance) just when I was wondering the answer to the question: "there're many nice folder colors other than blue and cyan but why can't we use them?"

So, as a humble suggestion, if it would be included to the installation by default, (or better; if a simple gui etc. would be possible), then new users can notice and use it with pleasure without searching for additional themes or how to.. (Just a humble suggestion from the viewpoint of an average user..).

Meanwhile, I just did

Code: Select all

papirus-folders -C orange --theme Papirus-Dark
and had my "home-made numix" immediately :)

For those who may read and wonder:

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install papirus-folders
When asking for help, please first : Menu => MX Tools => Quick System Info
Even no need to select & copy. The output will get in the clipboard automatically, just paste.

MX 18.3 - 32bit 5.2.8-antix.1-686-smp-pae

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