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Various issues w/ latest MX, mainly conky

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Various issues w/ latest MX, mainly conky


Post by Guido » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:00 pm

I'm running a Lenovo laptop with docking station & external monitor. MX17 clean install, just added the latest upgrade.

I had one unusual thing after the upgrade, my mouse cursor became huge, and I couldn't shrink the size. However, after opening MX Tweaks, it decided to become a normal size again. I didn't even do anything in MX Tweaks, just opened it.

The conkies I've installed via MX are giving me trouble. When I launch the Conky Manager on my main screen (external monitor), it starts putting them on the secondary screen. Frequently, the conkies fail to install or display when I have the external monitor attached. No problem with just the laptop monitor. I'm also getting migration of MX-emays, but not the other conky. MX-emays gets moved to a new position with the Alt-click drag, but it will occasionally just reset to the original install position (top right). If I have a single monitor (even the external by shutting down the laptop screen), I get pretty good conky behavior, except for MX-emays.

The dual monitors are causing other problems: I have a very limited background choice on monitor 1 (secondary monitor, laptop). It looks like someone hard-coded a specific subdirectory that only contains the XFCE mouse default backgrounds. Not sure why that is. Monitor 0 works great. I see all the backgrounds. Is this an XFCE problem?

When I try to boot the machine while in the dock and the external monitor configured, the boot process pauses for 10-20 seconds after a few TPM errors before recovering. However, take the laptop out of the docking station, and the boot time is fast, no delay. NO idea what to make of this.

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