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[Request] Patch the "keep preview of minimized windows" for Compiz-Reloaded 8.xx

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[Request] Patch the "keep preview of minimized windows" for Compiz-Reloaded 8.xx


Post by pemartins » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:04 pm

Compiz 9.13 has a very useful feature to keep preview of minimized windows, which allows all the windows, even the minimized ones, to be shown in the Scale plugin. This really boosts up productivity and allows changing windows in less than one second.

I requested such a feature for Compiz-Reloaded here https://gitlab.com/compiz/compiz-plugins-main/issues/43 but unfortunately it won't happen unless someone submits a patch for it.
I had in mind trying to do it myself but I can't code and @Stevo already explained to me that it would not be possible without coding knowledge viewtopic.php?f=108&t=47124&start=10#p469415

Being so, I'd like to request that someone could make such a patch so we could have that workaround also available in Compiz-Reload 8.xx and MX Linux.

Just a note, this feature is known to cause some desktop freezes with applications that do not have a system title bar enabled, in example Firefox and Chromium, but either of these applications can be set to display the system title bar so everything behaves normally as expected.

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