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Please fill in a few translations

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:22 pm
by Old Giza
Hello translators. There are a few a resources on Transifex that need to have some phrases translated:
  • mx-installer (1 phrase)
    mx-package-installer (1 phrase)
    mx-tweak (3 short phrases)
    mx-welcome (1 short phrase)
The mx-installer phrase is not new; it just corrects an English spelling of the word "encrypts". So you can accept the "suggestion" at the bottom right of the Transifex screen to restore your previous translation.

Thank you!

(And if anyone reading this wishes to help with translations and wants to know how to get started, please send me a personal message. We would welcome all languages, but particularly looking for Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian.)