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Movies in full-screen exceed TV screen area

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Re: Movies in full-screen exceed TV screen area


Post by BitJam » Wed May 15, 2019 2:16 pm

rasat wrote:
Wed May 15, 2019 7:28 am
> When not playing movies, does the MX desktop fill the entire screen...

Doesn't fill the screen. She noticed the problem when trying full screen online movie in Firefox (see below link). But same also happens with movie apps. But first question, why top and bottom areas are missing in full screen?
Thanks for the 2nd picture, that helps clear things up a bit. It looks like the video is being displayed in the Firefox web browser. Certainly the top area of the movie is not missing in full screen mode. In both full screen mode and normal mode the top of the actress's head is very close to the top of the frame of the movie. If anything, it looks like it is the left and right sides that are missing. For example, the "Filmenoi.biz" logo seems to be cut off from the right side of the frame.

This could well be normal behaviour on that site, although I couldn't reproduce that behaviour here with Firefox or Chrome. OTOH, the aspect ratio of the frame in full screen and normal mode looks to be roughly the same. I measured it in the pictures and it came to 2.20 versus 2.27. Both are close to the 2.35 ratio of most movies. I measured the aspect ratio of the computer screen the same way and got 1.95. When the aspect ratio of a movie does not match the aspect ratio of a computer screen then black bars are added. In this case they should be added to the top and bottom which seems to have happened. If both photos you posted were from the exact same moment in the film then something is wrong but if they were taken at different moments in the film and one is more zoomed in than the other then this would explain what is seen in both photos.

IMO, first solving the problem of getting the computer screen to fill the tv screen would make it easier to solve this 2nd problem, if it is a problem at all. ISTM it is much more likely the moment captured in normal mode where you can see the browser was simply more zoomed in then the one captured full screen. If not, and this is an artefact then it is extremely strange because the the left, right, and bottom of the frame were clipped while leaving the top edge of the frame intact. The main clue is that the top of the head of the actress is very close to the top of the frame in both pictures. This is exactly what a human would do when zooming in while making the movie but it would be an extraordinary coincidence for this to happen by software clipping the image while leaving the aspect ratio the same (or nearly the same).
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