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Recommended way to disable/enable services?

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Re: Recommended way to disable/enable services?


Post by anticapitalista » Thu May 09, 2019 9:38 am

dreamer wrote:
Thu May 09, 2019 8:16 am
Boot-Up Manager is a bit dated, but as far as I can tell it's fully functional. I hope MX devs package Boot-Up Manager for a Debian Buster based release. Since it's based on sysvinit and not systemd it's unlikely that BUM would suddenly stop working due to low-level breaking changes.
Unfortunately, bum is not in the Debian buster or sid repos, so MX would have to provide its own package.

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Re: Recommended way to disable/enable services?


Post by BV206 » Thu May 09, 2019 12:06 pm

I forgot all about BUM. I remember *buntu used to have it but they dropped it for some reason. It might not be supported any longer. It's in the MXPI under stable.

Another service I don't need or want that I left out of my list was rpcbind.
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