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SOLVED - MX-Tools, can I remove the duplicate in either or?

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SOLVED - MX-Tools, can I remove the duplicate in either or?


Post by linwinux » Sat May 05, 2018 4:20 am

No, it's not the same as my other post, just thought I'd mention that ... ;)

I guess it's a matter of preference or just how one cares to think about the usage of MX-Tools, but I for one find the process of entering the Control Panel, followed by entering the MX-Tools section from the Control Panel, to be the perfect method of getting there. To me personally, MX-Tools just provides another type of control panel, some of the tools being specific to MX, while some of the items of MX-Tools are already in the "primary" control panel to begin with. I have decades of computer experience, yet still find this somewhat irritating and confusing, to see MX-Tools in my whisker menu ... followed by seeing items in there which are also in the CP. I know that all of the developers of MX may view this differently, but c'mon now, when you look at *ALL* the function of MX-Tools, such as MX-Tweak, it really is more of an "advanced" control panel of sorts than anything else.

So what I would like to do for myself, if that is possible, is to either remove MX-Tools from the Whisker Menu, or remove MX-Tools from within the primary CP. Access to MX-Tools is already available in Whisker Menu by going to Settings, there's IMO no reason to have it listed separately. So I would rather remove it from the Whisker Menu since I actually prefer having additional MX-Tools access in the Control Panel. IMO, that's the perfect place for it since it won't be replacing the CP, but rather provide additional functionality from there.

Although the Main Menu editor allows me to hide everything within MX-Tools, it doesn't actually hide the Category & Descriptor from the Main Menu. Clicking on the Main Menu and checking again, everything is greyed out / hidden, yet the MX-Tools is still persistently displayed in Whisker Menu ... with USB Kernel Updater visible ... even though it's greyed out / supposed to be hidden. :frown: Is there some way to have the Symbol for MX-Tools hidden as well, and if so, would you please explain how to go about achieving this? Thank you.

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Re: MX-Tools, can I remove the duplicate in either or?


Post by dolphin_oracle » Sat May 05, 2018 10:00 am

I'm not sure why the live kernel updater tool isn't being removed from the mx-tools menu, but you can remove the mx-tools menu item by removing ~/.local/share/desktop-directories/mx-tools.directory file.
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SOLVED - Re: MX-Tools, can I remove the duplicate in either or?


Post by linwinux » Sat May 05, 2018 11:25 am

Awesome - Worked like a Charm - Thank you! :happy: :number1:

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