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what is the default or recommended 'DE' on mx?

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Re: what is the default or recommended 'DE' on mx?

#21 Postby MX<3 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:04 pm

bigbenaugust wrote:
MX<3 wrote:Nice, thanks. I'll read up. I tried out LXDE from the MXPI. That wasn't too bad. The Application Menu reminded me of Windows 98. And I like the PCmanFM file browser. No 'Root Terminal Here' in right click, I noticed. Good Preferences for it, too.

Although, now when I boot up, I have to click the top-right button and choose 'Default' every time or it boots into LXDE...

'Default' and 'XFCE' are the same though, right? Even though MX uses LightDM? So I can leave it on XFCE? It won't stay on 'Default' now.

There's one called 'awesome'? That's an interesting and telling naming choice lol.

If you've never picked anything before, your default is XFCE.

I thought LightDM gave you your previous selection at login, so if you selected LXDE and then XFCE, you should continue to get XFCE. Maybe I am incorrect.

And remember, the pieces are interchangeable, so if you like XFCE but prefer pcmanfm over thunar (like I do), nothing can prevent you from setting it up as the default file manager. :)

Strangely, it started giving me the 'Default' option again. Weird. But my system is unstable now so I have to re-install anyway.

Yeah, it's awsome I'm not stuck with a file manager. MX is too laid back for that type of stuff. :cool:
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