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Best config for extended home on 2nd HD?

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Best config for extended home on 2nd HD?

#1 Post by agrendel » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:33 pm

I intend to install MX on an internal SSD but would like to use my old mechanical HD as an extension of my home directory to store large files that would be accessed less frequently but changed from time to time with large updates, etc. I've read that this is easily done by simply modifying the fstab file to automount the 2nd drive at each boot.
However, having read that SSDs don't like frequent re-writes and seen advice about putting the /tmp directory in RAM, I wondered if this couldn't be done using the 2nd hard drive. I noticed that in the standard MX installation the /tmp directory points to /var/tmp. Would re-directing it to another partition on the old HD slow down the system and lose the speed advantage of the SSD? For example when browsing I suppose access time would be increased from such a configuartion.
Any advice from the very helpful other users on this forum would be much appraciated.
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Re: Best config for extended home on 2nd HD?

#2 Post by Richard » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:37 pm

Seems to me that you can symlink from your home folder
to the folders desired on HDD2.
It should only be slower while writing to the HDD2.
You will need to have HDD2 started at boot in fstab.
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