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.X over deltas

Here you can just talk about MEPIS or post interesting topics about what you have done in MEPIS that you want to share with others.
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.X over deltas


Post by i_ri » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:25 pm

.X over deltas
the mx logo

hello anticapitalista and everyone
The MX logo looks like something other than X over two pyramids. When I think of two pyramids I can imagine a little gif of anticapitalista with a shovel moving shovel by shovel the pyramids to MX. now to shovel.
The unicode chart was happy to include a pickaxe. There is no unicode shovel.
A perception of handles crossed of a shovel and a pickaxe is what I have always seen in the mx logo. The logo for mx workbench was a thrill to see tools growing from the logo.
I would care to demonstrate my theory. You all have seen my idea of conceptual art; a lot of concept with almost no art. so this time is staged images. Wood is not the pile of dirt and rock should be, my mental images of tools that fit the logo of a more curved pickaxe and just the right shovel are not on-hand for the demonstration. To compensate for the view the camera went lower,, and lower,, and lower,, In hope that a viewer can be led to what I see where the corner of the shovel begins one delta and the blade of the pickaxe begins one delta below the x of the handles. Because of this I envision the logo as rusted deltas with wooden x. silver blades with black handles. please not yellow fiberglass handles with black blades. the pickaxe/ mattock handle a bit more stout than the shovel.
the actors:
a bit lower and even lower . Harvey knocked that limb off almost into a debian curl.
I hope you can envision now x above triangles with shovel and pickaxe.

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