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Upgrade to KDE 4.7.4 for M11

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Upgrade to KDE 4.7.4 for M11


Post by richb » Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:42 pm

These are contributions by members of the community to give users an upgrade path to KDE 4.7.4.

Method 1
The following is a method to upgrade an M11 install developed by Stevo and Tim. It requires use of the command line and editing sources.list. This method is for those who want to keep their current install, are familiar with the command line and editing system files.

Stock M11 install

http://forum.mepiscommunity.org/viewtop ... 38#p294738

M11 upgraded to KDE 4.6.5
1. Add the new repo ( deb http://main.mepis-deb.org/mepiscr/kde/ kde4.7 test), install aptitude if necessary
2. su -c 'aptitude update'
2. su -c 'aptitude upgrade'
3. su -c 'aptitude dist-upgrade'

Method 2
This is a remaster by Danum, installation by fresh install. In this case it is similar to installing M11, and the KDE upgrade is integrated already. This may be a better path for inexperienced users.

32 bit[/b
http://forum.mepiscommunity.org/viewtop ... 73#p295973

64 bit
http://forum.mepiscommunity.org/viewtop ... 59&t=32565

Several members have had success with both methods. Installation as usual is at your own risk, with the Debian caveat: You break it, you get to keep all the pieces.
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