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Mepis-Roadblock2_64.iso Release

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Re: Mepis-Roadblock2_64.iso Release


Post by Adrian » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:14 pm

I agree with Mike, is there any technical reason for not treating the image with isohybrid? I've never had problems with such images booting from CD/DVDs.

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Re: Mepis-Roadblock2_64.iso Release


Post by zeeone » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:04 am

Geez, I must be the only one getting problems with Roadblock 64, but here we go.

Live disk load
The Kde crash Handler display this after the desktop loads:

Executable: kdeninit4 PID: 2292 Signal: aborted (6) seen this one before.

Hd loaded
The Kde crash Handler display this after the desktop loads:

Executable: kdeninit4 PID: 2446 Signal: aborted (6) seen this one before.
A couple of restarts this did not show up again.

Removed Firefox, installed Iceweasel, Xscreensavers, Audacious and some music,
let the system run for 24 hours, had a radio stream running for six hours
during this time. Rock solid, no lockups, no crashes. Good job, the video
card is pegged and works better than Kubuntu does.

Loaded Xsane, then the printer and scanner drivers, restarted the system,
they both work good. Restarted Audacious and let the system run. After
about two hours the RUDE strikes again. Audacious locked up and it would
not clear, reset or close.

I have a lot of work to do so, it is back to Kubuntu. In the next few days
I will do a reinstall and load the printer and scanner drivers first to
see what happens as I load the other stuff.
Until the next time, Ta Ta.
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Re: Mepis-Roadblock2_64.iso Release


Post by Danum » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:18 pm

m_pav wrote:
zeeone wrote:Ah, do we get a hint which config to fix or do we need to down load a new ISO? Second test is doing well, this time I did not change the repos.
Config is good, but a whole ISO vs a delta?.
Also, iso needs to have isohybrid prior to distribution to enable simple dd to flash drive.
Mike P
Mike you have had enough to do with Mepis disks to know that if you change one thing you get a chain reaction and end up changing a whole host to make the image work correctly, so it will be a new iso, as for isohybrid I will look into it after I have done a new 64 bit iso.
below is a 32 bit, which I will run for a few days first.

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