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What is going on with FFox, MS, FBook, Logins and etc ..

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What is going on with FFox, MS, FBook, Logins and etc ..

#1 Post by KernSpy » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:00 am

Just last week I got a phone call from a friend asking about her Yahoo & Fbook logins not sticking. She has win-10 so I figured it was something to do with it. A couple days later the same thing happened to on my Sister's Laptop and her FFox. My sister writes down all her credentials in a notebook. I'm not sure what the other woman does. Anyway, yesterday the same thing happened to my Windows 7 64 machine and FFox. I use an old password program that has been around for 20 years. None of my logins are sticking. Every time I visit Amazon, eBay, FBook, Yahoo, YTube, OE/Hmail, Reddit and etc, I have to do a full login. I use a master password in FFox and all the data is still there. I've even did their two-step authentication and it still doesn't stick. I think something is really broken in FFox, or something messed up Win7. Looking into it ...

It wasn't to long long ago I read something about a move/push coming in the future to get away from logins via passwords & usernames. I don't know if it is something to do with that or not? FFox is up-to-date with 62.03. I've got all the current updates for Win_7_64. If it wasn't for all the software & games - I wouldn't even keep a windows computer anymore. I've purchased quite a few games over the years and quite a few from GOG & Steam. One of my favorites is - Ultimate General: Civil War & Gettysburg.

I'm also an old time gamer who likes the classics. I can give up a lot of the (Requires MS) software and will be more then happy to rid myself of the dependency. The games will be a bit harder. :)

I'm wondering how long it will be before this happens to me here in/on Linux? Has this login thing happened to anyone else here on the forum?

Aside ...

I've probably one of the last diehards left out there who is still operational via AX25 packet via AEA-pk232mbx, vhf transmitter and paket 6.1 on and old 486-dx44-100 DOS machine. My old radio friend passed last year and things have been very quiet since. I have a lot of old gear that requires older software and legacy hardware (as they call it) like com-ports. I live in a the sticks and there isn't much radio activity here anymore. Especially for packet radio. I have modern devices for digital radio, but never use them. I have an refurbished Packard Bell computer with Windows XP 32bit for old software and radio programs. Including - older scanner radio software. A lot of those programs won't work in anything above XP. Yes and some old games to ;). As far as radio scanners go I'm done with them. Everything is moving to encrypted networks and I'm not spending all my time programming modern scanners. I doubt I could even get rid of my old scanners nowadays.

Got an older Acer Desktop that had Win-Vista on it when I purchased it for my sister for around $120.00 used. The box was still functional and had someone's small business files on it. Long story short - Sister didn't really want to learn Vista and/or Linux. The box got cleaned off and MX-14 got install. Later Antix. Then it started to die. She would go down just like the power plug was pulled. Now she just sits under the computer bench. A friend gave me a 500 watt power supply that he never used, so I might try and get that installed in the Acer. Not sure if Acer Power Supplies are different or not?

The Great Escape ... Those chained to Microsoft have no idea what it is like to have computer freedom. I've been (beit slowly) moving away from MS dependent software. I think still Wine & wine-tricks, crossover, PlayOnLinux and others - Are important. They help people break away. Some stuff will run in those applications and that is fine. One can play the game and not be chained inside MS's castle. Not everyone are gearheads and many are only on Win10, because it was on their computer when they purchased it. After that MS holds their hands. Holds their hands, but controls their computer. They don't know what computer freedom really is. The early days of computing was expensive, but seemed more free and personal. The other day I watched a video about Win10 and person files & archives being deleted off computers with the user being aware of it. Last I heard MS was looking into it. I don't know what my next machine will be, but I do know it won't have MS on/in any part of it - If I can help it. I purchased this laptop from a Linux vendor, but I probably won't do that again. Rather then go on all day about it - See why .. Here and Here I remember my sister's friend brought up her laptop for my sister to help fix. I'm so glad I stopped by because it was the best laugh I'd had in a long time. I just about rolled the floor. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Both computers had Win10 with less then 30GB of hard drive space. The woman's laptop (hard disc) was full. I tried to explain to them that all they really needed to do - Was wipe off Win10 and Install Linux. End of problems. As people what they do with their computers - On a daily basis. What are the top 10 things they do with their computer. Could they even think of 10 things?

All this "supposed" Security is getting damn Spooky .. Probably not a good time to re-read 1984.

I started out in the early days with DOS machines and moved on to Windows which I thought was nice from the early versions. I still liked and used DOS though. Anyway, this my dear friends isn't Windows. Not any more. It isn't even Microsoft any more. No way. It is some kind of deep security agency spreading it's tentacles all over the world via PC´s. They're testing all the time and doing so - if we like it or not! So here is an excellent reason to say goodbye to Windows & Microsoft.

Everyone should protest the rape and takeover of their devices / computers and computer freedom. They don't have a right - Under the guise of security - To steal our right to privacy!!
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Re: What is going on with FFox, MS, FBook, Logins and etc ..

#2 Post by Mauser » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:51 am

I haven't used Windows since Sept. 2015. I am using strictly MX-17.1 Linux on my desktop and laptop with Firefox 62.0.3 and have no login issues on anything. Your problem must be from facebook being hacked.

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