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One reason that I use Linux

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One reason that I use Linux

#1 Postby ChrisUK » Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:15 pm

One of the reasons that I've used Linux since S.u.S.E 4 (IIRC it was Slackware based, but it was 20+ years ago, and I'm old and forgetful ;) ), has nothing to do with Security/Restarts after every update/FOSS/Cost - it's being able to legally clone my OS onto any (within limits) other box, and everything work as it should.

An example:

Yesterday, I was given an oldish (about 5 years) Laptop with a faulty Hard Drive and slightly damaged Screen. It wasn't possible to repair Windows, because there's no access to the recovery partition, and Recovery Disks were never made by the previous owner. For about £50 I can buy and fit a new screen... but what about the OS?

I did what I do with all my PCs/Laptops, I just cloned my only (all others are just clones of this install) install of Linux (MX 17 in this case) to a working formatted hard drive, and fit it in the Laptop. I use Timeshift for the cloning - I just restore a snapshot to another hard drive - grub etc is automatically setup by Timeshift, so it's easy. There's other software of course, you could even use rsync from the commandline, but you'd need to sort out fstab and grub yourself - or you could use clonezilla. You could never do this with an OEM version of Windows, even if you had Recovery Disks.

(For anyone wondering; I used testdisk to image the damaged NTFS partition and photorec to recover the user's files from the image created by testdisk - the MFT and MFT mirror were both corrupt, so it took a few days to get the files off the drive. But again, free tools provided by Linux did the job ;) )

MX 17 - Manjaro - LMDE

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