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Re: Systemback (Stevo for President!)

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:03 pm
by qtech
m_pav wrote:Isn't it just a whole lot easier...
Probably, except that I use Mepis.


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Re: Systemback (Stevo for President!)

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:13 pm
by richb
You can specify what sub-forum to search in to avoid the issue you presented with search.

MX-14 is a creation of this community. This community has developed it, and helped to debug it.It has used ideas and code from both Mepis and Antix. I see no conflict in supporting it on this Forum.

It is natural for most of the recent posts to be MX related as it is new, and not as settled as Mepis. However I see no conflict in supporting both and fail to see how this disrespects Warren.

EDIT: Also if there is further discussion on this it should be as a new thread. This is off topic to Systemback

Here is the link to the thread in which to post this subject' ... 78&t=35810

Re: Systemback (Stevo for President!)

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:18 pm
by kmathern
qtech wrote:
m_pav wrote:Isn't it just a whole lot easier...
Probably, except that I use Mepis.

OT- Please consider this an open letter to the community meant to encourage creative and constructive conversation. This is not an effort to be divisive or to troll. I, as a community member, am addressing what I perceive to be a growing issue that effects the survival and continuity of the community (regardless of whether or not Mepis is actually "dead"). This deserves it's own thread but I'm doing it here because it contextually lends credence and is a perfect example of my point.

Let me begin by making it clear that I mean no disrespect to the tremendous efforts involved in the creation of MX (and no, this is not directed at m_pav or any individual community member).

MX is consuming this forum. And it is doing so at the expense of Warren's efforts and reputation and at the expense of those who choose to use Mepis. Again, do not misunderstand, I greatly respect and admire the communities accomplishment in the creation of MX. I've tried it and it is impressive. But it has very little to do with Warren's creation(s) upon which is the origin and foundation that this community is built. MX is not Mepis and Mepis is still my choice of OS.

I offer a simple example of the problem: A few days ago, I broke something on my M12 install and knew that the solution was here on the forum (as I'd encountered the same problem in the past). I used the search feature to locate the thread that I needed. Yet because MX had a similar issue (and because the search feature can not easily discern between Mepis and MX), the first 15 pages of search results were for MX. I could not find the thread that I needed to fix Mepis.

Or consider this: If a new user installs Mepis and joins the forum, imagine their confusion when they see thread after thread about MX which is Mepis but also isn't Mepis along with some Mate and KDE remixes and references to AntiX all muddled together. Things must be confusing enough with M12 stuck in beta and new folks trying to discern whether M12 is 11.9.86 or 11.0.12.

If MX is to be a long term project, than it is time for MX to follow the path of Antix and to create its own website and forum. If for no other reason than out of respect for Warren's years of hard work (regardless of whether or not Mepis is "dead") and out of respect to those belonging to the Mepis community who desire to continue to use Mepis.

It is time for MX to stand on its own two feet.
I think your reply should "stand on its own two feet" too, as a topic of it's own, either in 'General Topics' or whatever other subforum a moderator thinks is appropriate, not tacked on as a post in this thread.

Re: Systemback (Stevo for President!)

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:07 am
by m_pav
Addendum to my earlier post re: remastering

RAM usage is not enough to keep an eye on. Periodically check your remaining hard disk space by right clicking on any folder and selecting properties and keep an eye on the available hard disk space.

You can reclaim heaps of space by running bleachbit as root. So far, I have spent about 90mins fine tuning MX as I like it and the resultant ISO will be in the vicinity of 1.5GB, and I have not had to reboot or run the remastercc even once. Looks like I'll get my standard kit built in one hit, less the mega multimedia items I use personally.

Re: Systemback (Stevo for President!)

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:20 am
by m_pav
And the results.....

the will become the new default at next boot with this live-USB