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making the audio cut out if headphones are removed

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making the audio cut out if headphones are removed

#1 Post by lonesomepoint » Fri Aug 31, 2018 2:05 pm

I'm honestly not sure whether this is an MX issue or an XFCE issue. At some point while I used an earlier MX (possibly an antiX, but I don't think so), the audio could be set to instantly cut out if my headphones were unplugged form the audio jack. This was useful for preventing me from inadvertently annoying people with noise in a library or other public place expecting quiet. My current MX installation (16) won't do it anymore. I no longer remember what setting it was, and have been unable to find it again. I thought it was the "auto-mute," but I tried it and it doesn't appear to accomplish what I'm describing.

If the computer matters, it's a Thinkpad T420i.

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