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Fundamental questions about migration and versions

Those new to MEPIS or not very experienced can post their questions here.
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uncle mark
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Re: Fundamental questions about migration and versions

#11 Postby uncle mark » Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:27 pm

darth.severus wrote:
uncle mark wrote:
Gordon Cooper wrote:If the old version does everything that you wish, then why change? I can understand the 'Doze approach to this, where a new version means more income, but with Free Software, why change for the sake of it? Don't fix it, if it ain't broke.
Word, my brutha. You talkin' to the guy who is running M11 and who until just recently was using Fx v4.0.1 and TB v2.0.0.24.
And Software like Skype, Iceweasel, etc. is running? There surely will be problems with some programs, or not?

No problems for me. Then again, my needs are simple and few. The actual "work" I do is handled by my browser, my email client, Libre Office, and Dolphin (file management and data rescue/archiving). Truth be told, there's no need for me to update from M11 to MX-15, but I've got an SSD just sittin' here waiting...
Desktop: Custom build Asus/AMD/nVidia -- MEPIS 11
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Re: Fundamental questions about migration and versions

#12 Postby Stevo » Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:50 pm

MX 14 users that needed a newer libc6, such as Telegram requires, have had a backported libc6 2.17 available in a special repository for some time. We also added an upgraded Mesa graphics stack in there, as well as a VLC 2.2.1 upgrade that would only run correctly with that stack. Those are independent, you don't need the newer libc6 for the newer graphics stack, and vice versa.


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