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install local Linux software vmWare-Tools

Those new to MEPIS or not very experienced can post their questions here.
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Re: install local Linux software vmWare-Tools


Post by lucky9 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:06 pm

Sure thing.
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Re: install local Linux software vmWare-Tools


Post by Tadamamga » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:45 pm

Tracey2031 wrote:How do I install local Linux software in MEPIS?
I have vmWare-Tools (both rpm and tar.gz), but I can not figure out how to install the tools from a {virtual}CD.

The files appear in the file browser so I know at least that they are accessible.
Please advise.
Thanks, Tracey
vmWare Workstation v5.5.9

Here you have a step-by-step guide to install VMware Tools in a virtual machine running Linux as a guest OS:

Install VMware Tools in Linux

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