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Exporting footnotes in LO

This forum is intended for the discussion around the use of MEPIS in an office setting as distinct from home or indivicual usage. Examples include mail merge, database construction, hardware sharing, advertising, etc..
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Re: Exporting footnotes in LO

#11 Post by asqwerth » Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:59 am

This is an off-tangent suggestion: install the Kingsoft Office WPS suite and use their Word processing program. They seem more compatible with Word's docx formats than Libreoffice, and they have footnote capability, although I've never used it. I've not yet used the spreadsheet program.

http://help.kingsoftstore.com/writer/re ... an-endnote

I use LO for most things, esp when I'm creating my own documents, but when I have to review and make changes on other people's .docx files, saving my changes in LO leads to formatting being messed up, and sometimes inserted comments cannot be viewed or printed.

Kingsoft's Linux version is still an alpha (v12) but seems to work fine for my non-complex needs. It can be downloaded as a .deb file from their official site and installed, which I've done in MX14 (Debian Stable) and SolydX (Debian Testing) without issue so far.

The default setting is to save files in Kingsoft's own proprietary format, so go to "Tools" and change it accordingly. It does not include the open document format, so you'll still need LO for that.

Caveat: It's proprietary software. Also, it is from China, so you may have to consider if you're comfortable installing the program on your computer without being able to view what's in it.

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