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This forum is for co-ordination of torrents for MX releases
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Post by SilverBear » Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:52 pm

[align=center]MEPIS TORRENT TEAM FAQs[/align][/size]
1. What is the Mepis Torrent Team?
The MTT are volunteers who organize the distribution of current MEPIS release ISOs via bit-torrent. The Goals are:
[*]Efficient, timely availability of the ISOs via bit-torrent ASAP after release
[*]Continued support for the latest current stable release.[/list]
Both goals reflect on the reputation of Mepis within the larger GNU/Linux community, so it's important we do both things well.

2. Who can be a MTT member?
While everyone can volunteer on an ad-hoc basis, our goal is to maintain a list of people who will try (within their abilities) to help maintain well-seeded torrents of all current releases of MEPIS Linux and antiX. An MTT member is someone who volunteers to provide seeding bandwidth in a disciplined fashion --that is, within the guidelines of the Torrent Team. But each member does only what s/he can reasonably do --the point is if we all work together, nobody has to work particularly hard.
A list of MTT members and their email addresses is kept by the Project Co-ordinator [currently SilverBear].

3. Why do you need email addresses?
Whenever a new release necessitates a new torrent, or when seeding on an existing torrent become too low, a Torrent Team Alert will be sent (via blind carbon copy email) to the entire list of Torrent Team members. Those who can do so will then respond as quickly as possible to fill the demand for seeds.

Experience shows people check their email more often than they visit forums. Since the MTT began in early 2007, TT Alerts have become less frequent. Members have been co-ordinating quite well without the need almost all the time in the last year. But one never knows when the need may arise.

4. How do I volunteer?
To volunteer for the Torrent Team, use the MepisLovers.org message interface to email the current co-ordinator, SilverBear. Please include:
  1. ML screen name
  2. real name
  3. email address.
  4. Paypal payment of $100-1000 (or foreign equivalent) as your income level allows, to help buy a new BMW or Mercedes with the Mepis Torrent Team logo on it for the current Project Co-ordinator. *
5. What are the rules and procedures to follow in helping the MTT?
That will be in a separate "sticky" post --thanks for asking. Most of the "rules and procedures" are common sense, but a few have specific historical reasons that you might not otherwise realize if you haven't read the list --so please do read it.

6. How did the Mepis Torrent Team orginially get started as a Mepis Community Project?
Bit-torrent distribution of Mepis ISOs has been going on ad-hoc for many years. But the MEPIS Torrent Team as it now exists was approved personally by Warren Woodford in early 2007 when, upon Final Release of Mepis 6.5, most of the public FTP mirrors were somehow hosting corrupted ISO files. A group of MepisLovers ascertained the correct md5sum and got a torrent going with a clean ISO. Co-ordinating with Warren, we got the listing on DistroWatch to point to the torrents, until the public mirrors resolved their problems a few days later. Following Warren's preference, LinuxTracker.org is the official Torrent Tracker for MEPIS torrents.

If you have more Q's post them and I'll add them them to the list.

* [not required, only encouraged :happy: ]

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Post by 79spitfire » Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:51 pm

I'd love to help, but you have to convince my ISP that torrents aren't bad...
Paypal payment of $100-1000 (or foreign equivalent) as your income level allows, to help buy a new BMW or Mercedes with the Mepis Torrent Team logo on it for the current Project Co-ordinator.

Lexus, higher quality, begins with L like Linux..

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Post by Leo » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:25 am

Ahh...a Linux Lexus. You could have a Mepis Mercedes also...

There are exceptions to every rule...
and I know I'm exceptional... :lion2:
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Post by kapookee » Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:08 pm


Add me to the cause. Just sent a note to the Content Webmaster.

See you in the swarm. ;-)
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