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Major Linux Problems on the Desktop .. 2016

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Re: Major Linux Problems on the Desktop .. 2016


Post by KernSpy » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi SB,

Yes, I think your right. He seems to be hashing over a lot of old problems that
have been fixed. In Linux anyway.

Most windows users don't repair the problems on their own machines. I've been
doing that kind of work for years. I get quite a few calls about fixing or installing
(re-installing) printers. Some of them have told me they tossed their last printer
and bought a new one, because it was cheaper then buying ink. You are probably
quite aware, but lots of spyware / adware comes packed on those (cheap printer)
driver CDs. I spent hours a few months ago getting it off a guy's windows 7

Good job with the Linux (loaned) computer. I was working on my Linux machine when
a guy stopped by to ask if I would take a look at his. First I give him a tour of Linux.
Later, he went home got his computer and asked me to put Linux on it. I did and he really
likes it. I was talking to his son and he told me that he won't let anyone near it. "You
ain't touching it, cause you'll mess something up." :laugh:

I don't mind tinkering with an OS. Perhaps that comes from my days at the DOS prompt?

I agree. A lot of the big companies don't want anything to do with free / open-source.

Perhaps he just needs to go over a few new Linux distributions and see how things have
changed. :smile:

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Re: Major Linux Problems on the Desktop .. 2016


Post by lucky9 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:23 pm

There are enough choices that you are bound to get a good 'fit'. I've found that things 'just work'. Even I get things, eventually...learning all the time.
Yes, even I am dishonest. Not in many ways, but in some. Forty-one, I think it is.
--Mark Twain

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Re: Major Linux Problems on the Desktop .. 2016


Post by tascoast » Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:06 am

When I looked for a Linux for my previous desktop, before XP was banished to the wildernet, I searched and tested different versions and found varied results. I came to M11 and found it familiar enough in desktop design and it played nice with my system.

I digested different approaches to partitioning and booting and backing up, settling on a 'Data' partition for dual booting, augmented by burning essential data to DVD and/or external USB drive.

Although I now have home wifi and tested out basic network shares, this is simply a convenience for things like basic documents, rather than part of any wider network /backup plan. As for cloud storage, again, I've stuck to the tried and true 'copy to external drive or burn' by manual methods (no backup utilities experience consequently but that's fine).

MX15 works really well and has become very simple to set up to my ergonomic and layout style, while adding applications, updating codecs or adding printers (wifi network discovery works a beaut), flash, partition mounting defaults (eg Data partition), Grub customization (essentially for a simple menu with default rather than thematic changes).

Icedove/Thunderbird mail is my only real 'inconvenience' being a little awkward to migrate, although this is more a generic than Linux issue I imagine.

From what I read at times, being determined to make a particular method or strategy work rather than work laterally and adopt another approach/application/style etc in Linux or elsewhere, can lead to frustration and ongoing work. In many cases, trying something different and adapting seems the simplest way to go.

It took a while to adapt to MX-14 from M11 (KDE to xfce as I now understand). Being accustomed to clicking/copying etc gets ingrained a bit and change to routines .....

Customizing MX-15 is second nature now and a Live USB routine. I didn't know what Virtual Box was until seeing it discussed on the forum once. I was nervous about partitioning once, past experience shaping this. I've done some quite robust partition resizing and moving with Gparted recently and walk boldly now.
Lenovo ThinkCentre A58 4GBRAM (64-bit), MX17/MX-16/antiX17/Mint 19

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