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Neptune OS has KDE 4.13 64-bit backported to Wheezy

Here is where all questions and discussions about KDE should go.
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Neptune OS has KDE 4.13 64-bit backported to Wheezy

#1 Post by Stevo » Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:12 pm

I set up an M12-64bit in a VM and tried upgrading. The two repositories are listed here: http://neptuneos.com/en/about-neptune.html

Code: Select all

# Neptune 64Bit Sourceslist
deb http://proindi.de/zevenos/neptune/repo/ sid main

# Neptune 64Bit KDE Sourceslist
deb http://proindi.de/zevenos/neptune/kde-repo/ sid main
The Neptune package's origin is seen as "unstable", though they are backports.

Also listed is the Kanotix backport repo for LibreOffice:

Code: Select all

# Kanotix LO4 Sourceslist
deb http://kanotix.com/files/fix/lo ./
I do have the 4.13 desktop come up, though it restarted without a wallpaper or "desktop" widget. Simple to fix in the Desktop settings, though the view that shows files on the Desktop is now called "folder". Of more concern is that kdesu or the Synaptic launch command no longer work to launch programs as root--I get a terminal message about my user not being in the sudoers file. Maybe some configuration file changed...I can still start them in a root terminal, but "su -c <command>" does not work.

Don't try this with a production machine unless you have it fully backed up! I'm just playing around with it now.

I switched to the xfce4 desktop and the lightdm desktop manager to do the upgrades.

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