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Print manager missing from KDE 4.8.4

Here is where all questions and discussions about KDE should go.
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Re: Print manager missing from KDE 4.8.4

#11 Postby lucky9 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:41 pm

The System Tray is an 'area', usually on the right side of the Panel, where the small Icons (Device Notifier, KMix, Klipper, Apt-Notifier, etc.) are located. You can right click in an open area between the Icons to see System Tray Settings.

Joany beat me as usual.
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Re: Print manager missing from KDE 4.8.4

#12 Postby joany » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:49 pm

eemaestro wrote:I added the second package Danum listed, using synaptic. Then I logged out and logged back in.
With the printer powered OFF, I printed a document from LibreOfficeWriter. Nothing popped up on the screen. After a minute, I powered the printer ON. The document printed flawlessly. Do I need to cold-reboot my computer from the powered OFF state?
Not sure what this "sytem tray" you mention is, Joany. Is it the GUI that pops up when I click the MEPIS icon on the KDE panel and then click "System Settings".

1. You might have to to reboot the computer after installing printer-manager.
2. The system tray is on the panel (usually near the right). It has apt-notifier, sound manager, device notifier, etc.

If you look at the screen shot below, you'll see the system tray to the left of weather applet. There are five applets shown. The printer applet is on the bottom row on the left.
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DPS to the rescue

#13 Postby eemaestro » Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:10 pm

Okay, Joany, I found the subset of taskbar icons you call the "System Tray". Thank you.

I cold-rebooted my computer. I opened LibreOfficeWriter and printed a 2-page document. Then I closed the program, reopened it, selected the same file, turned the printer off, and hit the PRINT button in LibreOfficeWriter.
Then I canceled the print job from the Document Print Status dialog box. It worked. I only got one copy of
the two page document, not two.

Thank you again, all, for your input. Next I will print and cancel jobs from my other KDE application programs.

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